Camping gear delivered directly to your festival

Gone are the days of the exhausing walk from your car to campsite. Simply order your gear and pick it up at your festival. Saving you time, energy and stress.

Pre-order camping gear

Delivered to your festival

Ready for collection

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The easiest way to order your festival gear

We have revolutionised the way you prepare and organise going to a festival. Gone are the days of the brutal walk to the campsite with 3 days+ worth of supplies on your back. Now all you have to do is order your camping gear and collect it at the festival when you are there. Easy!

1. Pre-order your camping gear to your festival

2. Receive reference & collection point info

3. Arrive at your festival & pick up your gear

Who are TN Events?

We are a professional events supplies company based in North Wales, that offers a range of services. From convenience stores, camping equiptement shops, locker hire and phone charging services.

With our experience of festival supplies, witnessing the struggle of every festival go-er carrying their camping gear for miles, we came up with a revolutionary idea. No more dreaded walk to your campsite with your supplies on your back, you can simply order your gear and pick it up from the festival you are at.